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Building without glass would be like living without light. The special value of glass is the way it captures this light. Glass with its properties protects us from many kinds of external influences. Glass shapes our life, our work, our leisure and our culture. Glass, this elementary construction material, is our world. Here you can find comprehensive information about our company and how we work, about our products and our services.


Long-term freedom from corrosion - now available in 10 mm glass thickness!

Almost everyone knows it from the shower area: Persistent wet, hard water, shower gel, soaps and shampoos put conventional ESG shower enclosures too strong. The toughened becomes dull, stained and felt uneven. The glass is aging up to unrettbaren product disruption. With the novel DuraClear, the NOWAK GLAS now offers next to 8 mm in 10 mm for the "Walk-in" application, plumbing walls retain their brilliance over many years and attraction. The innovative coating provides optimum protection against corrosion. Even after many years of use, the shower shines still as beautiful as on the first day.

Security and specular reflection - SGG MIRASTAR!

Long employs the glass industry, the question of the use of mirrors with security features in the living area. In addition, the high susceptibility of conventional mirror in damp locations is often a nuisance. NOWAK GLASS has with SGG MIRASTAR a solution for these cases on offer now. SGG has MIRASTAR while biasing capability of a mirror on the merits - only without the silver layer! The chromium-containing multiple layer system is suitable to use as a spy mirror, as well as for a variety of indoor applications. Through the operational capability even under special burdens, SGG MIRASTAR also offers for use in wet rooms and indoor swimming pools, for mirrorizing larger wall surfaces in rooms higher humidity and with frequent use of disinfectants or cleaners.