Isopane Solar Control Silverstar Combi

Effective solar control coatings

Isopane Silverstar Combi is the solar control solution by NOWAK GLAS for all requirements. An ideally coordinated range of coating systems results in individually tailored offers for solar control, thermal insulation and light transmission that leave nothing to be desired.

The multiple function combinations of the solar control coatings are a cost-efficient solution for optimising overall energy management of the specific building. Minimising heat transmittance pays off not only in terms of drastic reductions in heating costs but also with clear gains in terms of cosiness and comfort. Isopane Silverstar Combi with its outstanding solar control properties also prevents solar radiation from heating up the interiors. Passive-solar energy gains in line with statutory regulations are also possible. All neutral solar control coatings in the Isopane Silverstar Combi product line also stand out with their incomparable transparency, so that rooms are suffused with light while avoiding the negative effects of direct solar radiation.

Our staff will gladly inform you about possible combinations and uses of Isopane Silverstar Combi and provide you with a product solution specially tailored to your specific needs also as toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass!