We live in a colourful world, so why not have colourful glass?

Glass is an important material that is found everywhere. For highly varied designs, we offer permanent printing of our glazing products in a wide range of colours. Whether over the full surface, for part of the surface, multicoloured or photo-realistic – NOWAK GLAS can do it!

Our production possibilities extend from minimum 200 x 300 mm to 1750 x 3500 mm or 1650 x 4200 mm. There are several hundred shades in our colour spectrum. Our repertoire also includes etching, a printing process that is similar to SatiNowa or sandblasting. Adjusting colours individually to your templates or samples is a challenge that we welcome.

Click here for more than one hundred different print motifs. If you can't find the right motif, please contact our consultants who will gladly help you implement your very personal ideas.