Modern interior design is often shaped by individual taste and unusual elements. Top quality sandblasting by NOWAK GLAS produces a mechanically roughened glass surface after blasting specifically with sand or comparable tiny material which is simply ideal for these special demands. It is thus possible for example to apply geometric design elements, lettering or striking logo visuals to the glass as graphic accents. Design sandblasting up to an area of 1600 x 2600 mm is standard procedure at NOWAK GLAS today. On request, we can also produce designs on areas of up to 2250 x 4000 mm.

NOWAK GLAS premium surface sealing is applied to the surface before delivery to guarantee effective protection from external causes, such as coarse unintentional soiling, and can be removed without practically any residues.

Just ask us about it. We will gladly advise you about the many possibilities offered by our sandblasting processes!