Nowalit/Nowalit-Design is a toughened safety glass with full or partial enamelling on the back that is applied with screen printing or roller-coater printing. The inks are enamelled into the surface at about 650° and permanently bonded with the glass. The enamel is to a large degree scratch-proof and resistant to acid, with light resistance and adhesive properties corresponding to the durability of ceramic glass inks.

The high temperatures used to enamel the inks turns the glass into toughened safety glass or heat-strengthened glass with all its typical mechanical and thermal properties. Further processing to laminated safety glass or insulation glass is also possible.

Nowalit-Design glass by NOWAK GLAS gives full rein to your creativity. Nearly anything is possible, from geometrically recurring shapes to monochrome or multicoloured pictures. State-of-the-art printing technology permits even photo-realistic designs with ceramic inks. Be inspired by the range of possibilities we offer, or talk directly to one of our specialists. They will gladly advise you and provide you with detailed information about all that we can do.

Possible uses

The possible uses of screen-printed glass are as versatile as the range of decorative designs that are available. It can be used for example for outside and inside design of

  • buildings and facades
  • windows
  • roof glazing
  • balustrades and partitioning
  • non-slip stairs (walk-on glazing)
  • splashbacks in bathroom and kitchen
  • and wherever creative design is wanted

Colour range

Nearly the full range of RAL colour is available for individual enhancement of Nowalit/Nowalit-Design glazing. On request, it is also possible to use additional shades and special inks based on other colour systems, such as NCS, for example. Inks based on lead, luminous inks and purple/violet colours are not available. We recommend using white glass for higher colour brilliance and optimum adjustment of the colour shade to one of the colour systems. This applies particularly to pale colours.