Isopane Silverstar EN2Plus

Isopane Silverstar EN2plus combines highest colour neutrality with outstanding thermal insulation at the same time. In the past, conventional thermal insulation layers frequently brought about a change in colour on account of their intrinsic colour. A new coating technology leaves Isopane Silverstar EN2plus clear. Furthermore, the greatly reduced mirror effect generates the maximum possible harmony with other construction materials being used. Isopane Silverstar EN2plus is ideal for the planning and construction of glazing to meet different requirements (e.g. toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, alarm glass) in any site and with an attractive, individual appearance, where technically feasible.

In contrast to conventional aluminium spacers, stainless steel, Thermix or Super Spacer solutions considerably minimise the heat bridge at the edge of the pain. The temperatures are much higher ("warm edge") so that valuable heat remains in the room. At the same time, there is less risk of condensation and mould growth.

Exemplary colour neutrality

  • More scope for design
  • Attractive appearance
  • Natural colour rendition
  • High translucency
  • Greatly reduced mirror effect

Low Ug value

  • Less energy consumption
  • Fewer CO2 and nitrogen emissions
  • More cosiness

Optimised g-value

  • Solar radiation used
  • to generate additional heat

Used for multi-function requirements

  • Can be combined with augmented soundproofing
  • and safety functions