Bochum site

Main site and NOWAK GLAS company headquarters on premises covering about 110,000 sm with buildings on more than 70,000 sm, including factory I with a daily output of up to approx. 3,000 ISOPANE functional insulation glass products up to a size of 321.00 x 600.00 cm on four production lines working in multiple shifts.

Factory II produces flat glass in thicknesses of 4 to 19 mm with maximum dimensions of 280.00 x 600.00 cm as heat-strengthened glass. This factory also produces enamelled glass in the screen printing or roller-coating process. Two heat-soaking furnaces (H-test) are available for special requirements in facade construction or when using glass in building construction. A laminated safety glass line completes the extensive product range of safety glass for the whole sector of building security and personal protection. The line is rated for pane thicknesses of up to 80 mm and dimensions of up to 280.00 x 600.00 cm. More than 19 CNC and NC glass processing machines ensure swift, top quality completion of all grinding work. The glass trading division keeps all glass types required on the European market available on call.

Factory III is the Franz Nowak art glaziery. It produces lead or brass glazing, produced to individual customer requirements in each case. The glass bending plant with eight furnaces provides the requisites for transforming panes measuring up to max. 150.00 x 250.00 cm into a whole range of different shapes. Sandblasting work of many different kinds rounds off the extensive range of art glass produced by GLAS NOWAK.