Energy Industry Levy (EIU)


The manufacture of glass is fundamentally subject to a very energy-intensive manufacturing process. The European glass industry therefore introduced a gas price-dependent energy cost surcharge at the beginning of 2022. With our circular at the end of January 2023, we informed you that a new base price of €150/MWh will be set from AE February 1, 2023. If this value is exceeded, the old billing mode takes effect again with a dynamic, monthly adjustment.


The amount of the surcharge can sometimes vary significantly and is determined every month on the third to last (3) working day of the month (M) and then applied from the first day of the following month (M+1). The amount is based on the average monthly natural gas price according to the German commodity exchange EGIX®-THE You can access the EGIX®-THE under the following link:

The amount subsequently charged by us is then determined based on the following table:


The surcharge is always displayed openly under our order confirmations and invoices.