UV bonding

The process involved in bonding glass on glass or glass on metal uses a transparent, odourless adhesive that is applied to the surface and cured by radiation under a special UV lamp. This results in a firm, crystal-clear bond. UV bonding can be put to many different uses. It is ideal for example in the production of glass tables, glass showcases, glass brochure racks and much more besides.

The team of trained specialists at NOWAK GLAS offers many years of experience in the field of UV bonding. We attach great importance to constantly expanding our expertise and perfecting the processes.

Dimensional accuracy of the glass being used is of huge importance in UV bonding. Here we use state-of-the-art CNC machinery. It goes without saying that we also produce your UV bonding solutions according to your models or also bonded directly into a grooved base plate.

NOWAK GLAS assures the quality of the glass and the UV bond by means of permanent controls. Once the bond has been produced, the element is cleaned carefully and then packed for safe transport.